Warranties and Rebates

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Roof Warranties

Roof Warranties

• Labor and Materials •

We at Empire Roof Coatings are proud to offer full labor and material warranties to accompany our Roofing Systems installations providing you, the building owner with peace of mind. Our Renewable Warranties also offer extended peace of mind as most of the warranties we offer may be extended at the end of the initial roof warranty period with a roof inspection and, as needed, a low-cost re-coat.

Throughout Washington, Idaho, and Montana, Empire Roof Coatings stands beside our warranties and provides free roof inspections for our warrantied roof systems throughout the life of their warranty.

Leak-Free Warranty

Our Leak-Free Labor and Material Warranty periods cover the lifetime of the roof system and range from 5 to 20 years depending on the roof system chosen and the specific needs of your building. Our roof systems come with a solid material and labor warranty providing peace of mind that the materials on your roof will be free from defect and will perform as specified the entire time they are on your roof.

What Does This Mean To You?

Empire Roof Coatings will create a customized warranty program that is specifically suited to your building's needs.

This provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your roof is fully warrantied for as long as you need it to be and the peace of mind that we will be here should anything happen to your roof. We will respond to you promptly and you will not be put "on the back burner", because you are a valued warranty customer.

Our roofing systems are renowned for their longevity with many of the initial roof coating systems installed in the 1970's still on the job today!

With a Seamless, Warrantied, Energy-Efficient, Sustainable Roof Restoration System from Empire Roof Coatings you can achieve:

  • Long-term protection and peace of mind
  • A fast Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Possible rebates and/or tax credits

Federal Tax Credits and Rebates

Federal Tax Credits and Rebates

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 40% of total landfill waste comes from construction and demolition debris - one quarter of which is generated by roofing materials!

You could qualify for significant federal tax credits or rebates simply by choosing "Green" building material like our white roofing and foam systems. They meet ENERGY STAR requirements and several can be applied over existing roofing systems - saving you the cost of tear-off and keeping all that roofing material out of the landfill. Speak with your accountant today!

Find out more about the benefits of our smart, durable, "Green" roofing systems.

Energy Use and Performance Measurement Tools

The Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories have developed a tool for calculating the energy saving potential of cool roofs. Check out the Commercial Roof Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save with an energy efficient roofing system from Empire Roof Coatings.

On the federal government's Energy Star Website there is an online tool, called Target Finder, which enables architects and building owners to receive an EPA energy performance score for building projects still in the design stage.

This DSIRE summary table provides a snapshot of government and utility financial incentives that promote energy efficiency in the United States. It also helps you quickly compare the number and types of incentives in each state.

Find state and local Energy Efficiency Programs from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The US Department of Energy website provides information about the tax deductions available for improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, as well as links to qualified software available for calculating these savings.

Learn even more through this Energy Star article: "Reflective Roofs Return Multiple Dividends".