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Modified Bitumen (Mod. Bit.) / Built-Up Roofs (BUR)

Roofs that reflect big savings
Does your building have an old, black tar or asphalt roof that needs help? Make a smart business decision and cover it with a white, reflective, Energy Star-rated Roof Coating System. You will enjoy immediate and long-term savings that will reflect well on you.

With a Restoring Roof Coating System it's possible to:

  • Save enough on cooling costs to pay for your re-coat well within the warranty period.* Our Energy Star-rated, white top coats reflect 85-90% of the sun's heat rays. This cools your roof and building naturally so you can spend up to 30% less on air conditioning. (In comparison, black roofs only reflect 5-7%.)
  • Avoid the highly expensive tear-off and haul-away of your existing black roof** and the tremendous workplace disruption it can cause. (Saves on valuable landfill space, too.)
  • Qualify for new federal tax credits and/or rebates earmarked for energy efficient projects***
  • Our Coating Systems provide decades of protection with warranties of up to 30 YRS.
  • Reinforce seams where leaks tend to occur.
  • A cooler roof lasts longer.
  • Non-pro-rated labor and material warranties.
  • When it's time to renew your roof, simply have it re-coated.