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Shingle Keeper

SHINGLE KEEPER helps prevent premature shingle aging by holding shingle granules in place; filling hairline cracks; helping to hold shingles in place to reduce the chance of wind-uplift damage; and helping to protect shingles from harmful UV, rain, snow and ice to help prevent curling, cracking, breaking and buckling.

Depending on the original condition of the shingles before application, SHINGLE KEEPER can preserve asphalt and shake roof shingles for at least 5 years per application. With multiple applications over several years, shingles in a suitable original condition should last significantly longer than they otherwise would have.SHINGLE KEEPER is not designed to stop leaks, so Empire Roof Coatings will address the existing leaks prior to the SHINGLE KEEPER application.

  • Dries Clear
  • Fills Hairline Cracks
  • Holds Granules In Place
  • Helps Prevent Premature Shingle Aging
  • Helps Prevent Blown-Off Shingles from Wind Uplift
  • Helps Prevent Curling, Cracking, Buckling, and Breaking

Compare the Costs:
SHINGLE KEEPER over existing Shingles:
$45-$75 per Square

Install shingles over existing shingles:
$150-$250 per Square

Re-roof with conventional shingles:
$250-$350 per Square

Re-roof with higher-quality shingles:
$300-$450 per Square